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Listed below are agencies and organizations that may be able to assist with housing, environmental hazards and other needs.

Addressing Home Hazards

Pest Management
NC Cooperative Extension: 252-426-5428

Smoking Prevention
Lisa Phillips at the Tobacco Prevention and Control Branch: 252-475-5077

Housing Assistance

Catholic Charities: 252-426-7717
Hertford Housing Authority: 252-426-5592

Maternal, Infant, and Child Health

WIC Clinic: 252-426-2100

Developmental Screenings/ Early Intervention Services
Children’s Developmental Services: 252-338-4044

Public Health and Environmental Health

Emergency Management: 252-426-5646
Environmental Health Department: 252-338-4490
Gayle J. Olson Pediatric Asthma Care Manager at Albemarle Pediatric Asthma Coalition: 252-338-4369
Health Department: 252-426-2100
Lisa Johnson at the Eastern Carolina Asthma Prevention Program (ECAPP): 252-847-6834

Social Services/Legal Assistance

Department of Social Services: 252-426-7373
Legal Aid of North Carolina: 252-332-5124