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Last Updated: February 27, 2019


Pests: Illegal Pesticides

Images: National Pesticide Information Center, some images of rare pesticides copied from web: Tres Pasitos, Insecticide Chalk, and Other Illegal Pesticides, EPA: Avoid Illegal Household Pesticide Products, Mice and Rat Poison

Big Idea: Common illegal pesticides are pictured here. Photos are low-quality because the products aren’t well-documented.

Talking Points:

In addition to the safety concerns associated with legal pesticides in the U.S., we also have concerns about Unsafe and illegal pesticides:

  • Miraculous chalk or Chinese chalk is another product not registered with the EPA or legal for sale or use in this country. It is chalk impregnated with high=potency pesticide. You draw a line with it – when a bug walks across the line, it dies. (top)
  • Tres pasitosis illegally imported from Mexico and other Latin American countries. Chemical is aldicarb, which is very toxic. “Tres pasitos” means “three little steps” – that’s as far as the mouse gets after eating it. (May look like brown grains in a little baggie.) (bottom left – two images)
  • Mothballs (bottom right)

These products are unregulated and are sometimes sold on the street. They may be counterfeit.

Source: National Pesticide Information Center, 

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