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2016 North Carolina Asthma Summit: Save the Date!

March 21, 2016

The 2016 North Carolina Asthma Summit will be held at St. Mark’s Church in Burlington, North Carolina on Tuesday, May 17th. The purpose of this event is to enable the learner to study national guidelines for asthma, discuss population-based healthcare, … Continued

ERP Educators Present at UNC Minority Health Conference

February 29, 2016

On Friday, February 26, UNC IE Environmental Resource Program educators Neasha Graves and Megan Hoert Hughes presented at the 37th annual UNC Minority Health Conference.  They were joined by local partners Lorisa Seibel, Reinvestment Partners, and Lenora Smith, Partnership Effort for the Advancement … Continued

Lead in the Flint, MI Water System – NIH Resource List

February 9, 2016

Several Michigan, local, and federal agencies are responding to the presence of lead in the drinking water in Flint, Michigan. The National Library of Medicine Specialized Information Services Division (NLM SIS) provides information on the medical and public health aspects … Continued

Partner Spotlight | Christy Klaus

February 8, 2016

Christy Klaus, Registered Environmental Health Specialist (REHS) with Wake County Lead Program, is an active member of the Lead and Healthy Homes Task Force. Christy and her colleague, Jason Dunn, REHS, work to uncover sources of lead in homes of … Continued

Clinical Lead Training: Webinar Now Available for Viewing

November 9, 2015

The archived webinar for the Oct 22-23, 2015 Clinical Lead Training: Enhancing Strategies to Protect Young Children from Lead Poisoning is now available. Oct 22 presentations by Ed Norman, David Eldridge, and Lakieta Sanders: Oct 23 presentations by Kate … Continued