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Khmeli Suneli

Khmeli Suneli is a traditional Georgian spicy mixture of flavorful herbs. It is popular in Georgia and the entire Caucasus and Eastern European regions. This mixture is fragrant by smell and spicy by taste. Khmeli Suneli has been known since the time of the Pharaohs, where it was using as a healing additives in food. Today, this mixture is the most important spice or ingredient in traditional Georgian, Caucasus and Eastern European cuisine. It typically contains ground coriander seed, celery seed, dried basil, dill, parsley, blue fenugreek, summer savory, bay leaf, mint, and marigold.

Additional Information

Khmeli Suneli had one of the highest concentrations of lead at 17,000 ppm according to a NYC Health Department Study of Lead Concentrations of Imported Spices.